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Someone Like You … might be a peacemaker

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“As far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”
- Romans 12:18

Forgiveness is one thing, but healing in a broken family or friendship is next level. Something Louise says later in the movie, is this: “The world is so divided, Andi. You don’t want your family divided, too.”

There is great reward in being a peacemaker, wherever possible. Whether that means not having to be right, or listening better, being slower to speak. True, sometimes peace is not possible, and in those situations perhaps God is calling you to forgive and move on. But where it is an option, live at peace.

Then, watch and see the difference your actions make. For the good!


For Discussion:


  • Is there something or someone in your life where you feel the hurt of division? Why is that?

  • Is it important that the people involved in this situation believe that you think you are right?

  • Have you ever sought God on this issue? Is it possible that you first need to find strength and help from God, before you can be the peacemaker in this situation?


I Can Do That:


  • God calls us to be peacemakers. But He also calls us to build our lives on His truth. Love and truth. Journal ways you might use these principles to be a peacemaker in your personal world.

  • Forgiveness is one way to erase the divides in your personal life. Choose to forgive anyone who has ever hurt you. Even if the other person is clearly at fault and not sorry, God calls us to forgive.

  • Journal how being a peacemaker might make you feel.

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